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Types of Metal Random Packing

Traditionally, random packing has been used for mass transfer in packed columns. These columns provide high efficiency and capacity over standard packing trays. They are suitable for applications with heavy fouling and corrosion.
Random packings are also widely used for stripping operations in gas plants. They also offer increased efficiency and lower pressure drop. They are easy to install and replace. They have been in use for more than 50 years. Depending on the capacity, the packing material can be made of various types.
The most common type of metal random packing is the Pall ring. It offers a large surface area within the column. Its high liquid hold up and liquid spread make it ideal for high capacity systems.
A more recent type of metal random packing is the HMTP. This packing provides a more open shape, while still offering adequate mechanical strength. Compared to equal-sized pall rings, HMTPs exhibit 40% lower pressure drops. Combined with a Pall ring, the HMTP also offers greater liquid spread and a more efficient liquid residence time.
Another type of metal random packing is the HY-Pack. Designed with a convex rib, this random packing has a larger nominal size and two layers of windows for improved liquid drainage. Also, the HY-Pack has a higher mechanical strength, thanks to its circumferential stiffening ribs.

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