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Metal Super Raschig Rings are a type of random packing used in chemical processing towers, typically for distillation and absorption processes. They are named after their inventor, Friedrich Raschig, and are made of metal materials such as stainless steel or copper.
These rings are characterized by their shape, which consists of cylindrical tubes that are slightly wider than they are tall, and have inward-turned protrusions on the inside of the cylinder walls. This design provides a large surface area for gas-liquid contact, which enhances mass transfer and improves separation efficiency.
The "Super" in the name refers to an improved design compared to traditional Raschig rings, with added features such as an increased number of edges and a more uniform shape. This design increases the surface area and enhances the performance of the packing material.
Metal Super Raschig Rings are used in a variety of applications in the chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries, where they can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of separation processes.

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