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Metal Structured Packing is a great way to protect and store products

Advantages of Metal Structured Packing
Metal Structured Packing is a great way to protect and store products. It is a sustainable and economical alternative to paper and plastic packaging. It is opaque and keeps the product inside from exposure to sunlight, ensuring it stays fresh.
The main material used in the manufacturing of metal-structured packing is aluminum. It is a natural resource and a strong, durable, and lightweight material. It is a popular choice for packaging due to its rust-resistant properties.
Another advantage of metal packing is that it can be recycled. Most companies use a mix of recycled and virgin materials in their metal packaging. This reduces the need for new mined metal and helps save the environment.
This makes it a better option for environmentally conscious consumers. It also allows companies to create packages in a variety of sizes, shapes and printing formats to make their brand more attractive.
The flexural and compressive strength of metal packing is much greater than those of paper or plastic, making it more resistant to damage. This is particularly helpful for manufacturers of delicate mechanical parts that must be shipped to customers quickly and securely.
Corrosion and Acidity
Depending on the type of product you are packaging, it is important to choose the right metal. Some materials, such as aluminum, are rust-resistant while others, such as steel, can corrode and disintegrate if they come in contact with water or air. It is best to consult with a manufacturer before choosing a metal to ensure that it will not deteriorate or break down over time.
Some other common types of metal packaging include stainless steel, brass and copper. These materials are able to withstand corrosion and can be coated with additional coatings to keep them looking fresh.
In addition to their rust-resistant and moisture-resistant properties, metal packing is often made with a shiny finish, which helps attract more attention from potential buyers. This can help improve sales and increase customer retention.
These types of packaging are often used for food items, such as candy and chocolate because they can withstand high temperature conditions while keeping the product fresh and tasty. However, it is important to be careful not to use them for products that are susceptible to rust or corrosion, such as tomatoes and rhubarb.
Embossing is a design technique that elevates text or images to a higher point on the surface of the package. Different brands use this technique to give their product packaging a unique look and increase the impact of the logo or graphic on the consumer's mind.
Whether you're shipping a small or large item, there are many ways to improve the packaging experience of your customers and the quality of the product itself. Tumble packing and stack packing are two ways to enhance the shipping process and add a more uniform appearance to the box. This can help you get more of your product in a container and minimize movement on the truck while also allowing you to stack multiple cases for efficient shipping.


Metal Mesh Corrugated Packing is sheet metal stamping and stretch into specific rolling mesh with diamond mesh in the surface. The mass transfer law is similar to gauze corrugated packing.

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