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Metal Pall Rings

Metal pall rings are a significant type of pall rings. Metal pall rings can be customized into different sizes. In very hostle environments, they are more resistant to corrosion and rust compared with plastic pall rings. Metal pall rings are made primarily from carbon steel, galvanized steel, and other materials. There are two layers of windows on the cylinder wall close to the ceramic pall ring. And there are five ligules in each sheet, which bend inwards into the ring axis.

Metal pall rings are used in quench towers, direct contact cooling applications, atmospheric pressure separation, and absorption applications, places in which vacuum is critical to the low-pressure drop, and applications of steam stripping.

Summary of the features of metal pall rings

  1. Low-pressure drops
  2. High capacity for loading and transmission.
  3. Great flexibility and high performance for liquid and gas separation.
  4. Resistance to corrosion and rust.
  5. Acid, alkaline, salty, and other resistance to chemicals.
  6. Resistant to temperature
  7. High mechanical efficiency and lower breakage risk
  8. There are different sizes and special sizes


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