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How to install the internal parts of the packed tower?

The internal parts of the packed tower are referred to as packing, such as Pall Rings Packing, packing support, packing pressing device, liquid diffuser, liquid collector, liquid collecting and re-distributing device, gas diffuser, liquid top diffusing pipe and the like.


When the internal parts are installed, such as oil collecting tanks and liquid dispersers, they can be placed on site for storage, but deformation, damage, corrosion and other conditions should be avoided;  the site should be flat and clean, and it will not affect other construction.  In particular, the liquid spreader should be cleaned and no debris should be allowed to fall into the diffuser.  It is necessary to ensure that the diffuser is detached from the diffuser before entering the tower.


Vulnerable and volatile parts, such as Plastic Raschig Ring, nuts, connecting ribs and other small parts, should be stored in the warehouse according to the standard.


Before the inner device, the surface of the tower device should be finished to remove surface oil, welding slag, rust, sediment and burrs.  To renovate the old tower, the parts of the tower inner part shall be ground and polished according to the requirements of the reconstruction drawing.  Before the device, each logistics port should be blindly killed by a blind plate.  It is necessary to have strict fire prevention measures in the tower.

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