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How to bundle stainless steel straps with fastening tools?

When bundling stainless steel straps, you need to use special supporting tools, which can bind stainless steel straps more firmly and efficiently. So how to use tightening tools to bind stainless steel straps? The following article will briefly introduce how to use pliers to bind stainless steel strips.
1. Cut and bend according to the material
Due to the good sturdiness of the popular stainless steel belt, it is difficult and inefficient to simply bundle items by hand, so professional tools are required. To use cheap stainless steel straps, you need to first cut the stainless steel straps according to the material to be bundled, cut the ribbon to an appropriate length, and then thread the buckle to one end of the strap, paying attention to leave a suitable distance. The purpose of bending the reserved stainless steel is to initially fix the buckle.
2. to bind, clamp, tighten
After using cheap stainless steel straps to bind the items that need to be bundled in the residence, you need to reserve a certain length for the strap pliers. Use the pliers that bind the stainless steel strap to clamp the strap and slowly tighten it, but you need to be careful not to pull it. too tight, otherwise the tool may be damaged.
3. cut off, stuck
After tensioning, it is necessary to invert and fold the cable tie pliers as a whole, and then pull down the blade handle to cut off. After that, use a hammer to flatten the vertical corner of the buckle, and then you need to clamp the remaining cable tie head, thus completing the work of tying the stainless steel strap with pliers.
The above is the relevant operation of using pliers to bind stainless steel straps. Since the fastening tool is an indispensable tool when using the cheap stainless steel bag to bind other materials, users should understand the relevant skills of using tools to bind stainless steel straps , so that the binding work can be completed more efficiently

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