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How are Metal Raschig Rings manufactured?

Metal Raschig Rings are manufactured using a specialized process known as metal extrusion. The process begins with metal wire or sheets that are first cut into small pieces of equal length. These pieces are then rolled into a cylindrical shape with edges that are either straight or serrated.
The resulting cylinder is then passed through a set of forming rollers that press the material into the characteristic Raschig Ring shape. This process ensures that the Raschig Ring has the required number of perforations, uniform size, and proper geometry.
After the forming process, the Metal Raschig Rings are often washed, dried, and heat-treated to improve their durability, resistance to corrosion and ensure their mechanical strength. The heat-treatment process also removes any internal stresses in the material and ensures that the Metal Raschig Rings have a long service life.
Finally, the Metal Raschig Rings are packed and shipped to customers, who install them in chemical processing columns and towers to facilitate mass transfer, separation or catalytic reactions.

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