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Do you know the physical properties of stainless steel strip at low temperature?

(1) Thermal conductivity
The thermal conductivity of various types of stainless steel at extremely low temperatures is slightly different, but in general it is about 1/50 of the thermal conductivity at room temperature. Thermal conductivity increases with increasing magnetic flux (magnetic flux density) at low temperatures.

(2) Specific heat capacity
At very low temperatures, there are some differences in the specific heat capacity of various stainless steels. The specific heat capacity is greatly affected by temperature, and the specific heat capacity at 4K can be reduced to less than 1/100 of the specific heat capacity at room temperature.

(3) Thermal expansion
For austenitic stainless steel, the shrinkage rate (relative to 273K) is slightly different below 80k. The content of nickel has a certain influence on the shrinkage rate.

(4) Resistivity
The difference in resistivity between the grades increases at very low temperatures. Alloying elements have a great influence on the resistivity.

(5) Magnetic
At low temperature, the influence of mass magnetic susceptibility on the load magnetic field of austenitic stainless steel varies with the material. The content of different alloying elements is also different.
There is no difference in the permeability of different grades.

(6) Elastic modulus
At low temperature, the Poisson's ratio of the magnetically transformed austenitic stainless steel produces extreme values ​​accordingly.

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