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Do you know Metal Random Packing?

Types of Metal Random Packing
When it comes to minimizing pressure drop and mass transfer, steel random packing is one of the most popular choices. These high-performance, redesigned

packings provide optimum throughput capacity while reducing energy consumption. Designed for use in distillation and mass separations, metal random packings are

available in a wide range of construction materials, including carbon steel, copper, and titanium. To help you determine which type of packing is right for your

application, read this article to learn more about these packings.

A metal saddle is another type of random packing with high performance. This type of packing is commonly used in high pressure and deep vacuum towers. The super

mini ring, also known as Metal Flat Ring, cancels out the flange of a Cascade mini ring and adopts an inside arch web-plate. A metal saddle offers higher

efficiency and less resistance. Whether you need to reduce energy costs or increase production, metal random packings are the best choice.

A structured packing system can handle a higher flow volume and lower pressure. A structured packing system can handle high pressure and low flow rates. Because

the structure of the material is organized, the resulting pressure drop will be less than a single liter per second. The smaller pressure drop and higher

capacity are advantageous in difficult separation processes. The other benefits of structured packing are increased efficiency and reduced foaming. If you need

to minimize pressure drop, structured packing is a great choice.


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