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Analysis and maintenance of granulator steel belt

The welding machine adopts a DC pulse sub-arc welding machine with a relatively concentrated heat source. Special welding wire is used for welding wire, and thin wire cut from old steel generation of the same material can also be used. The welding current is controlled at 40~50A, the voltage is controlled at 7.8~9.5V, the welding speed is controlled at 6cm/min, and the argon gas flow is about 7~8L/min. The diameter of the tungsten electrode is 2.4mm, and the diameter of the welding wire is 1mm.
3.1 According to the length of the crack on the edge of the steel strip, cut out the trapezoidal patch of the same material, and polish the edge of the patch with a polisher, file and sandpaper, and it is required to be straight and free of burrs;
3.2 Using the patch as a template, scribe a line on the steel strip, use a cutting machine to cut off the cracked part along the scribe line, and use a polisher, a file and sandpaper to polish the edge of the steel strip incision, which is required to be straight and free of burrs;
3.3 Insert the patch into the incision of the steel strip, so that the gap is controlled at 0.1~0.2mm. If it does not meet the requirements, continue to use manual grinding; 3.4 Use acetone to clean the patch, the edge of the incision and the welding seam on both sides of the steel strip within 100mm range dirt;
3.5 Use a copper plate to flatten the welded part, and use a C-shaped clamp to clamp the steel strip and the trapezoidal patch to make the weld interface in a flat and aligned state; 3.6 Use a special welding machine to weld according to the specified parameters. In order to reduce the welding deformation, the upper side of the trapezoid is spot welded first, and the length of each welding is 10mm. After welding, it is hit with a hand hammer to eliminate stress.

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